Industrial Chic – Baumatic Cookers For the Modern Home

Industrial Decor

Looking for a cooker that adds the finishing touch to a modern functional kitchen? Baumatic range cookers do the job in spades. Baumatic cookers offer the clean lines and shiny steel of the here-to-stay industrial trendy look, whilst retaining a “traditional” high street price and big helpings of useful features.

Most modern kitchens strive for the mechanical funk popularised by the ubiquitous TV cookery show: programmes like Ready, Steady, Cook; Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook; and the output of famous chefs like Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal. British viewers have taken these shows to heart, buying the books in droves, feverishly following the recipes as they unfold live on screen and attempting to emulate the environments the chefs work in.

The result: the British homeowner doesn’t want a white plastic box with four hobs; he or she wants a sexy looking cooking machine placed in a clean, functional environment. The Baumatic range cooker is the perfect piece of kit for the job.

Baumatic range cookers offer an excellent range of functions in their trendy shells. Cooks can choose from dual fuel (electric and gas) models, which give the even cooking of a gas hob and the safety and speed of a fan assisted electric oven; or single fuel according to preference. Size isn’t a problem, either: unlike most range cookers, which are attractive enough but stupidly big, Baumatic cookers come in a series of shapes designed to fit with the more quotidian requirements of real domestic environments.

For a big kitchen, where the Baumatic cooker can be something of a centre piece, buyers can choose a double-wide beast equipped with multi function ovens, dedicated grills and a fearsome array of hobs; while the more normal kitchen is well served by Baumatic range cookers of a less ostentatious girth. These smaller Baumatic cookers don’t skimp on versatility – they simply shrink the available settings of the American style monsters to something better fitted for a smaller space.

The finish on a Baumatic range cooker sits equally well with the super trendy “scientific” kitchen – the type of kitchen where pots and pans, restaurant style, hang on hooks from a circular ceiling fixture – and a more homely but modern look. All Baumatic cookers are done in brushed steel, which ensures no colour clashes and allows the kitchen to look as scientific or modern as the owner wishes. Unlike coloured range cookers, which necessarily limit the choice of decoration for the rest of the room, Baumatic cookers serve more as an embellishment – a shiny punctuation mark for the kitchen of its’ owner’s choice.

Price wise, Baumatic range cookers sit rather surprisingly in the middle top end of “normal” cooker ranges: and with some stunning deals to be had (there has to be some benefit to a credit crunch, after all), they can currently be picked up for even less. UK retailer Big Appliances is currently selling three types of Baumatic range cooker at discounts that knock them down to the £700 mark – making them as affordable as the flimsy white hunks of junk one would usually associate with Iceland (the store, not the volcanically irritating Scandinavian country).

With summer calling, and entertaining at home the only viable option in the wake of the worst economic crisis ever, there can be no better investment for a food loving home.

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